Men And Women Working Together To Enlarge God’s Kingdom

December’s Newsletter – Men And Women Working Together To Enlarge God’s Kingdom

For the Christian it must be clear what his or her duties are.  After all being a Christian is not a sometime affair.  The requirements of the Christian, goes on throughout the life span of the Christian- with no time off.  For the competitor doesn’t take any time off and neither can the Christian.  The bible says in 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” With such formidable competition, it is to the Christian’s advantage to add to the ranks to meet this challenge.  You see when two or more come together to do God’s work,  two things happen- 1 (the most important) God is in the midst ready to fight your battle, Click Here To Finish

By Deacon Herbert Ruff

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August 2014
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  • Christians in Bangalore to observe Sep 14 as 'Black Sunday' against Iraq genocide August 29, 2014
    Bangalore, Aug 29: A meeting of all Christian leaders on the ongoing violence in Iraq and the genocide of innocent Christians in Bangalore on Wednesday has decided to observe Friday, the September 12, as a day of 'fasting and prayer’ for the suffering Christians in Iraq and observe 'Black Sunday’ on September 14 and also a public rally.
  • Should Compassionate Christians Avoid Suicide Related Questions? August 29, 2014
    For years, I spoke on college campuses using the theme, "What Lies Beyond?" Interest in the subject then as today remains consistently high. Movies and books on the afterlife, paranormal and the unseen realm pique the interest of millions of all ages.
  • Democratic Congresswoman Anna Eshoo on ISIS: No President Wants Genocide During Their Term (CP Video Interview) August 29, 2014
    The slaughter of Christians taking place today is like a "living history" for Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-California. Her parents and grandparents fled the Middle East because they were being persecuted for their Christian faith, she explained to The Christian Post in a videophone interview.
  • 5 Reasons Christians Are Rejecting the Notion of Hell August 28, 2014
    This article originally appeared on Patheos. More and more Christians are beginning to reject the traditional view of hell which states the unjust will experience “eternal, conscious torment”. Perhaps you’ve seen this change in the Christian landscape and grown confused as to why so many of us are experiencing shifting beliefs. While my Letting Go…
  • Christians Clash With Police in China to Keep Church’s Cross August 28, 2014
    Several dozen Christians clashed with police in the city of Wenzhow in southeastern Zhejiang province in China, protesting the authorities determined to take down the Salvation Church cross, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

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