Men And Women Working Together To Enlarge God’s Kingdom

December’s Newsletter – Men And Women Working Together To Enlarge God’s Kingdom

For the Christian it must be clear what his or her duties are.  After all being a Christian is not a sometime affair.  The requirements of the Christian, goes on throughout the life span of the Christian- with no time off.  For the competitor doesn’t take any time off and neither can the Christian.  The bible says in 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” With such formidable competition, it is to the Christian’s advantage to add to the ranks to meet this challenge.  You see when two or more come together to do God’s work,  two things happen- 1 (the most important) God is in the midst ready to fight your battle, Click Here To Finish

By Deacon Herbert Ruff

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September 2014
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  • Iraqi Christians displaced by Sunni militants seek to flee abroad September 18, 2014
    Word that their hometown may soon be "liberated" has done little to buoy the spirits of the displaced residents of Bartella, a largely Christian town in northern Iraq of 20,000 overrun last month by Islamist militants.
  • Sabah Christians tell Putrajaya to stop interfering in their religion September 17, 2014
    Christians in Sabah, already hard pressed in fending off attempts to convert Bumiputera Christians to Islam, have told Putrajaya to leave non-Muslims alone to manage their respective faiths and that laws enacted for the administration of Islam should not be applied to non-Muslims nor should non-Muslims be subject to Shariah law. They said...
  • RG3 forced to turn religious T-shirt inside out, Christians get mad at gays. September 16, 2014
    Robert Griffin III's T-shirt was a violation of NFL rules. It also told non-Christians that they have no peace in their lives. Robert Griffin III, the now-former Washington quarterback, was about to wear a Christian T-shirt at a post-game press conference until the NFL said...ummmm, no. RG3's shirt read "Know Jesus No Peace" and, simultan
  • Mideast Christians urge Arabs lead fight against Islamic State September 16, 2014
    By Robert Evans GENEVA (Reuters) - Middle East Christian leaders called on Muslim governments and religious authorities on Tuesday to condemn Islamic State for its assault on minority religious communities and to take the lead in efforts to destroy its power in Iraq and Syria. They told a news conference that the reaction so far from Arab countries had been
  • Christians in ‘China’s Jerusalem’ Are Fighting Church Demolitions September 16, 2014
    Dramatic footage shows congregation battling riot police

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